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Not Me, But You

“Without good environment, good education and service spirit, no Nation or human can get its absolute heights.”

Brief History of NSS

By being engaged in social work from student life, the qualities of social service develop in a person. NSS stands for National Service Scheme whose main objective is to serve the nation through society. This scheme enables young students gaining experience in social work. It was established on 24th September, 1969 on the occasion of the ‘Birth Centenary Year’ of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi by the Education Minister Dr. V. K. R. V. Rao. On the same occasion he started the NSS Program in 37 Universities covering all the states. NSS is an active and central scheme run by the Ministry Of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India for the personality development of the Youth Power of the Nation. Its objective is to provide opportunity to all young students to participate in all community service activities and programs whether belonging to 10+2 Board, pursuing Graduation or Post Graduation from Technical Institute or any University.

Since the establishment of the NSS in the year 1969, the number of students has increased from 40,000 to over 40 Lakhs till now. After registering in the NSS and participating in Social activities, the students are called Volunteers. Volunteers who have the option of serving the nation through NSS led community service, proudly bear the NSS logo and feel a responsibility to serve the nation.

NSS Logo and Badge

The logo of the NSS is based on the giant Rath Wheel of the world famous Konark Sun Temple which symbolises 24 hours of the day and reminds the volunteers to work continuously for 24 hours in the service of the Nation. The Red Colour of the badge symbolises the energy and spirit provided by the volunteers. The Blue Colour symbolises the Universe and NSS is a small part of that, which is ready to contribute its share in human welfare.

NSS Program:

1. Regular Activities

2. Special Camps

Objectives of NSS

1. To understand the Community in which they work.

2. To identify the needs and problems of community and engaging them in the process of Problem Solving.

3. To develop a sense of social and civic responsibility in oneself.

4. To use their knowledge in finding practical solutions to the problems of the individual and the community.

5. To develop the ability to live in groups and share responsibilities.

6. To acquire skills in mobilizing community participation.

7. To develop leadership qualities and democratic instincts.

8. To develop the ability to deal with emergency situations and natural calamities.

9. To maintain National integrity and social harmony.

Unit of NSS in M.L.K.P.G. College

The college has Four Units of NSS, in which 400 students are contributing to the social welfare where the students participating in the activities of NSS along with the people of the society, work for the benefit of all. For example they work for literacy, for environmental protection, for health and sanitation related issues, etc.

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Program Officers

Dr. Ram Rahees

Assistant Professor

Dept. of B.Ed

Contact no. 9412526447

Dr. Ashish Kumar Lal

Assistant Professor

Dept. of Political Science

Contact no. 9026681448

Dr. Alok Shukla

Assistant Professor

Dept. of Physics

Contact no. 8318261259

NSS | Maharani Lal Kunwari, MLK (PG) College