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Rover’s Rangers

For the development of overall personality of the students, the college provides opportunity to its students to take participation in the program of Rovers and Rangers. The Rover/Ranger is the higher wing of Bharat Scout and Guide. Any regular student of the college can be enlisted as Rover/ Ranger. Rovers and Rangers get various opportunities to develop individually and in the group also. Here the students also get encouragement to explore themselves. They will discover really what they are as a person. This will help them in living a good and healthy life.

In M.L.K. P.G. College there are two registered unit. One is for the Rover section named Subhash Chand Bose Crew and second one is Maharani Lal Kunwari Ranger unit.

Presently Rover Section is under the command of Dr. P. N. Pathak, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Commerce & Ranger section is under the command of Dr. Akanksha Tripathi, Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology.

Rover’s Rangers | Maharani Lal Kunwari, MLK (PG) College