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Methodology for Advanced & Slow Learners

The College believes and accordingly practices learner’s centric approach. The framework of the academic activities is laid down so as to enhance the comprehensive knowledge of the students/learners. To identify and distinguish the slow and the advanced learners, the College adopts a continuous internal evaluation system. The distinction between slow and advanced learners is based on their performance executed through MCQ tests conducted at the commencement of each session. Students scoring above fifty percent are grouped as advanced learners whereas those that are below fifty percent are marked as slow learners. To facilitate these slow learners towards advancement the College conducts remedial classes. Further assessment of these students’ performance gets determined on the basis of their marks scored in the periodical tests conducted from time to time. This is how the College channelizes its efforts towards establishing an equilibrium to the academic growth of the students. Advanced learners are motivated to take participation in activities like debates, quizzes, seminars, etc. to showcase their talent. Moreover, they are provided help and guidance for the preparation for various competitive exams.

Methodology for Advanced & Slow Learners | Maharani Lal Kunwari, MLK (PG) College