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Teachers’ Association

It is a voluntary organization of permanent teaching faculty of M.L.K. (P.G.) College, Balrampur which is affiliated to larger body of Teachers Association at University (SUACTA) and state level (FUPUCTA). Its objective is to work for welfare of all teachers regarding service conditions and any other grievances. As a social organization of elite group, it also aware people from time to time to contribute on social issues. There is a provision of financial assistance to members at college as well as university level in case of medical emergency.

1. Dr. S. P. Mishra President
2 Dr. Dinesh Kumar Maurya Vice President
3. Dr. Sunil Kumar Mishra Secretary
4 Dr. Ram Rahees Joint Secretary
5 Dr. Azad Kumar Treasurer

Members of Executive

1. Prof. Raghvendra Singh, Department of B.Ed.

2. Prof. Rekha Vishwkarma, Department of Geography

3. Dr. Swadesh Bhatt, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology

4. Dr. Anamika Singh, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology

Teachers’ Association | Maharani Lal Kunwari, MLK (PG) College